Busway - CEU
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Busway can be used in place of _______________ to distribute electricity throughout a facility. 
Three special fittings that are used to help run LV busway from any location to a building are elbows, tees and crosses.
Which of the following are fittings or accessories used for non-segregated bus duct?  (Choose all that apply)
Non-segregated bus duct customer markets include mining, wastewater and oil and gas.
Which type of low voltage busway matches the below description?
Uses plug-in devices to efficiently distribute power throughout a manufacturing floor or to a specific tenant.
Which type of busway matches the following description? 
600 volts and below, 225 – 5,000 amps, utilizes an epoxy coated, sandwich system design.
A device used to support the weight of the busway, keeping it straight, is called a ____________.
Which bus plug type includes devices such as special circuit breakers (example – earth leakage), surge protective devices (SPD), receptacle plugs, combination contactor and starters and bolt-on devices?
Which busway component matches the following description?
The non-ventilated enclosure that prohibits the entry of dirt and moisture via a rugged two-piece aluminum housing. 
What are two bus plug types used to connect load to the busway?