Fundamentals of Electrical Diagrams and Symb - CEU
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What symbol is pictured?
It is not important to always read the schedules and any notes that are referenced on the diagram and to review the whole diagram to make sure that you include all electrical equipment in the system.  
An __________ is used to represent an electrical circuit.  They are a means of communicating the components, electrical relationships and connections within a circuit or system.
If you were to see the pictured image on an electrical diagram, the 225A / 3P notation would indicate that the device is a 225 amp, 3 pole breaker. 
Pictured is an example of which of the following?
In the example electrical riser diagram we reviewed, in what schedule would you find information about cable sizing?  Drag the correct answer into the box.
What symbol is pictured?
Some electrical devices, especially new ones, may not have universally accepted symbols. These devices could be represented in a number of ways, usually a matter of personal choice. In such instances, the symbol is usually accompanied by a verbal description. 
IEC 60617, ANSI standard Y32 and NEMA ICS 19-2002 (R2007) are examples of standard guides available regarding electrical symbols.
A _________ diagram or single-line diagram is used to represent a three-phase power system. This type of diagram may also show protection, metering and control details in addition to the power components.