Fundamentals of Electrical Distribution - CEU
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Single-phase, three-wire has two hot wires and one neutral wire and can supply both 120V and 240V.
Power is equal to voltage times current (P = V * I) and the equation does not have to always be equal on both sides.
The selectively coordinated system is the most costly of the three basic systems of coordination.
At the electric distribution substation, electricity is removed from the transmission system and passed through step-down _____ that lower the voltage. 
There are two types of AC power systems, _____ and _____.
Alternating current (AC) is generated by utility companies and transmitted to homes and businesses.
In a three-phase system, each phase is _____ degrees apart.
An _____ condition left unchecked can cause insulation and/or equipment damage as a result of excessive temperature and/or dynamic stresses.  Drag the correct answer into the box.
The goal of an electrical distribution system is the economical and _____ delivery of adequate electric power to electrical equipment.
This type of fault might occur in the electrical outlets located in the bathroom or in other areas where water could be present.