Fundamentals of Motors - CEU
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An object that possesses mechanical energy is able to work.  Work is done when a force overcomes a _____ .
The construction of a DC motor is considerably more complicated and expensive than that of an AC motor, primarily due to the commutator, brushes, and armature windings.
In a direct current motor the electrical contacts to the rotating ring or commutator are known as the _____ .
The AC motor offers a wide range of speed control.  Voltage is applied to a AC motor and as that voltage is increased from zero to some base voltage, the motor's speed increases from zero to a corresponding base speed.
The most common device for changing electrical energy into mechanical energy is the electric motor.
To understand how an electric motor works, the key is to understand the principles of _____ .  Drag the correct answer into the box.   
Larger synchronous motors require a separate DC source to be connected to the rotor through brushes and slip rings to provide a magnetic field for the rotor.
A _____ is a piece of ferromagnetic material that retains its magnetism after it has been magnetized.
An electric motor with a squirrel-cage rotor is termed a squirrel-cage motor.
The most common and simple industrial motor is the three phase AC induction motor, sometimes known as the _____ motor.