Generators - CEU
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Codes and standards for generators are needed to protect residential, commercial and industrial facilities from fire and other damages.
Many commercial and industrial generators utilize co-generation in which the waste heat from the engine is collected and fed into a boiler to make steam.
What are the most common fuel types for commercial and industrial generators?
Please select all that apply.
Select the characteristics of an air-cooled portable generator.
Please select all that apply.
The major difference between an air-cooled and liquid-cooled generator resides in the _________.
What component is highlighted in this image?
What is the process a generator uses to transform mechanical energy to electrical energy?
Select the residential generators that use fans to cool the engine.
Please select all that apply.
Generators are crucial to commercial and industrial applications to minimize the inconvenience of the loss of power, as well as to save critical data and equipment.
What type of fuel is recovered from landfills, coal mines and waste treatment plants, is cleaned and dried then burned in the generator to make electricity?