Loadcenters - CEU
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The __________ provide(s) a mechanical means for affixing the branch or feeder circuit breakers and distribute power to every branch or feeder circuit breaker.
Protects people and equipment from electrical shock is the definition of which type of branch circuit breaker?
The main lug only (MLO) loadcenter contains a main circuit breaker to protect the load center. 
Serves as a protective barrier to prevent contact with energized (“hot”) parts within the unit.
Each branch circuit is protected by a branch circuit breaker housed in the loadcenter.  In the event of a short circuit or an overload on a branch circuit, the branch circuit breaker cuts the power before any property damage or personal injury can occur. 
The term used to describe a loadcenter used at the point where power enters the building is a __________.
This main loadcenter type is primarily used as a solution where the electrician or installer does not know what type of main is needed for a job. 
The ground bar commonly has _______ screws to identify which bar is grounded. 
This enclosure type is for general purpose, indoor use.  It is suitable for most types of applications where unusual service conditions do not exist.
For safety reason, the National Electrical Code (NEC) requires the service entrance panel’s neutral to be grounded.  Beyond the service entrance equipment, it is always ______________________.