Low Voltage Distribution Equipment - CEU
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The freestanding steel enclosure that houses all of the main components of low voltage switchgear.
A switchboard is a wall mounted piece of distribution equipment.
Switchgear is typically used as service entrance equipment in critical power applications.
This type of switchboard structure may include panelboards, dry type transformers, transfer switches, and blank back pans for field mounting other equipment.
In switchgear this is the area reserved for incoming and outgoing power cable or busway connections.
Low voltage switchgear is highly functional low voltage distribution equipment used to protect, control, and monitor critical power electrical distribution systems safely and efficiently.
_____ is the single point at which electrical service enters a building.
A panelboard serves to protect branch circuits from overloads and short circuits.
Oil and vacuum insulated are two common types of panelboards.
_____ refers to applications that are so important to a user's enterprise they cannot sustain loss of power without incurring harmful loss of revenue, production or human safety.