Low Voltage Motor Control - CEU
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This method of reduced voltage starting replaces mechanical components with electronic components.
The synchronous speed of a motor is determined by the number of poles a motor has, and the ____________ of the current being supplied to it.
Which type of motor control is used when the application calls for the need to ramp speed when the motor is turned on, but not during the run of the application?
Which component of a solid state reduced voltage starter is identified in red on the pictured line diagram?
One reason for using reduced voltage starting is to avoid stress on equipment or product lines.
The _________________ allows the operator to command the motor to function as desired, through the use of motor control inputs and outputs.
This starter type connects the incoming power to the motor, in one direction at one speed.
Arcing and contact bounce are two areas of concern for contact life in full voltage motor control. 
Which overload relay is made up of two strips of different metals?  The dissimilar metals are permanently joined and heating the strip causes it to bend as the dissimilar metals expand and contract at different rates.
Which component in a VFD simulates a sine wave, as shown in the picture?