101 Basic Series - Module 22 - CEU Education
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These attach plug-in units to the MCC power bus bars.
Multi-Pak group control can have 4 or 6 starters mounted in NEMA sizes 1 through 4 enclosures.
The ________  horizontal wireways are isolated from the main horizontal bus that runs through each section of the structure.
A column section in an MCC assembly is also referred to as a ________.
IEC and NEMA have set standards for the protection of devices in various environmental situations.
________ wiring means there are no terminal blocks in the unit and control and load connections are made directly to the devices.
Combination starters can have fusible or non-fusible disconnects.
The main components of enclosed control include the following, EXCEPT:
Pull-apart terminal blocks are mounted such that they have access to the vertical wireway, and if a unit is pulled for maintenance, the wiring can remain within the center.
An enclosure rating that is used indoors where unusual conditions do not exist, are made of sheet steel, and depending on size may have knockouts for electrical cabling, would be.
The units in an MCC can contain starters, circuit breakers, disconnect switches, drives, PLC's, operator interface panels, and device communication products.
The smallest units in an MCC measure 6" high and can increase in size by 6" up to 72".
While the depth of an MCC can vary from 16" to 21", a typical MCC section is which of the following:
The vertical wireway in an MCC is located on the ________ of each section and extends the full height.
________ wiring means that there are terminal blocks within each unit, and the devices are factory wired to them.
NEMA assigns IP classifications for enclosures, while IEC uses a Type system.
In an MCC, a motor control compartment is often referred to as a ________.
A typical custom panel has a fault current rating of 15,000 amps, much higher than that of an MCC.
An enclosure rating that is designed for outdoor use, made of sheet steel, have a gasket on the cover, and may have a blank cover plate attached to the top and most have knockouts on the bottom.
NEMA establishes local electric codes that determine the proper selection of an enclosure type.