Medium Voltage Distribution Equipment - CEU
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Select all the characteristics below that correspond to Metal Clad Switchgear. Please select all that apply.

The back doors of metal clad switchgear are used heavily for control equipment mounting - such as instruments, relays and meters.


Which medium voltage switch option gives you the ability to automatically open and close main and tie switches using motor operators and electronic relays?

Please select all that apply.

Medium voltage switches with vacuum breakers provide centralized control and protection of medium voltage power equipment and circuits in industrial, commercial and utility installations involving generators, motors, feeder circuits, and transmission and distribution lines.


Select the options / configuration available using standard medium voltage switches. Please select all that apply.


__________ provide crucial cost-effective circuit protection for major equipment like substation transformers.


What type of enclosure is highlighted in this image?


The ______ compartment is located above or below the circuit breaker compartment and is used when there is a significant number of control or relay equipment in the assembly.


_____ compartment is a set of insulated conductors that provide for multiple connections into the electrical system.


What part of the circuit breaker compartment prevents unsafe operation/installation of the circuit breaker?