Operator Interface - CEU
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__________ design features both hardware and software that is unique to the particular brand of OI. Software will only run on the designed hardware and hardware will only run that software package. 
_________ is one example in which the software logs the rate of change in the process, and builds predictive actions based on the likely activity about to occur. 
When selecting operator interfaces for an application, make sure to ask which of the following questions:  (Choose all that apply)
There are two types of color flat screen technologies: dual-scan LCD color screens and active-matrix thin-film transistor (TFT) color screens.
The industry is trending towards using ___________ due to the improvement in the price for performance ratio over other networks.
Which of the following are examples of an electronic operator interface used today?  (Choose all that apply)
__________ visually simulate the equipment and devices in the field, helping operators to immediately identify the source of data. 
OI allows faster and more effective human interface because of custom visual images and ___________.
Applications may vary, but any application that requires on-machine monitoring and control can use an operator interface product. 
The following definition applies to which type of software?
The programming software tool used to create OI screens.