Packaged Control Solutions - CEU
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To protect individuals from electrical shock and electrical equipment from environmental damage, a(n) _____ is placed around the electrical equipment.
Packaged control solutions are a collection of products such as control panels, enclosed control and motor control centers.
This organizations assigns type classifications to enclosures.
IEC also has tests and conforming standards for enclosures. They assign an IP classification.
The word  _____ means the control system is mounted on (or in) an enclosure or subpanel.
The NEC does not allow a control panel to provide double duty as a junction box for other wiring or systems even if ample space is provided.
_____ offer the best method for grouping motor control, associated control, distribution equipment and industrial communications.
Motor control centers are made up of two basic components: sections and units.
Individual sections of a motor control center are also referred to as _____.
The plug-in units of an MCC have power stabs or metal clips that are used to connect to the power bus bars of the structure.