Safety Switches and Disconnects - CEU
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This type of disconnect is used for: Residential service entrance, Outdoor shut-off for residential air conditioning unit, Temporary service at a construction site, Outbuilding sub-feed.
A double throw safety switch is used to manually switch from one load circuit to another.
The three main types of air conditioning disconnects are fused, non-fused and ______.
_________ rotary disconnects are most often sold to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers, who then install the switches into their own control panels.
A switch with no fuses is referred to as a ____________ safety switch.
This device is used in applications where users need local circuit protection, for example next to a conveyor belt. 
The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires that all hot tub and spa pumps be protected by a ground fault interrupter and a disconnect switch mounted within ____ feet of the hot tub or spa.
A safety switch can be open style without an enclosure.
This enclosure type is intended for indoor or outdoor use, where corrosion resistance is required and is constructed of stainless steel, polymeric, or fiberglass. 
A switching device is an electrical device that provides a safe means to open and close a circuit.