Transfer Switches - CEU
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A transfer switch is responsible for safely transferring from normal power source to emergency (Backup) source of power, when utility power is lost.

Which type of transfer switch is mostly used in residential and single phase applications?

If you have a portable generator, you will most likely need an ATS as well.
Select the most common types of transfer switches available.  Please select all that apply.
Select the three types of back power systems available. Please select all that apply.
Which backup power system requires that the time to transfer power from utility to emergency power does not exceed 10 seconds?
In an ATS, the controller/control board/logic panel is the "brains" of the switch.

The transfer switch can be operated in two ways: _____ and _____.


What type of transfer switch should be used in cases where power interruptions must be limited to very short intervals to maintain safety or avoid financial losses?


Which switch configuration should be used when applications need to have preventative maintenance, inspection and testing while maintaining power continuity to the load?  Please select all that apply.