Transformers - CEU
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Power transformers are used to supply voltages to the various circuits in electrical equipment.
A transformer operates when a source of AC voltage is connected to the _____ winding and a load device is connected to the secondary winding.  Drag and drop the correct choice into the empty box.
A transformer designed to be cooled by air is a _____ transformer.
A pole-type _____ transformer is used to supply relatively small amounts of power to residences.  It is used at the end of the electrical utility's delivery system. 
The production of an electric current across a conductor moving through a magnetic field. It underlies the operation of generators, transformers, induction motors, electric motors, synchronous motors, and solenoids.
A transformer does not generate electric power it simply transforms it from one voltage to another.
Electromagnetic inductions are the lines of magnetic force surrounding a magnet or electromagnet.
Heat generated by losses must be removed to prevent deterioration of the transformer's insulation system, and the actual magnetic properties of the core.
Most of the energy provided to the primary winding of a transformer is transferred to the secondary winding. But, some energy is lost in the form of _____.
For measuring values of current or voltage, it is desirable to use standard low-range measuring instruments together with specially-constructed _____ transformers.